These are my oldest resource packs, which contain only a few, custom textures.
Hover over a version number to display more information about that version of the resource pack.
These downloads are for the Java Edition of Minecraft only.

HeroBrineNZK RP

A small resource pack I used from 2014 – 2015, or Minecraft 1.8.

HeroBrineNZK(2) 1.8.8 Download
HeroBrineNZK 1.8.7 Download
HeroBrineNZK RP 1.8.1 Download

Endercreeper RP

A small resource pack I used in 2014, which retextures creepers and music disc, for Minecraft 1.7.

Endercreeper RP 1.7.9 Download
Endercreeper RP (BoxCraft) 1.7.4 Download